Winter Run Clinics 2020 Are Underway!

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The 2020 Runner’s Den winter clinics have started and we have several groups to keep you moving all winter long!  

The Power Walking group at Runner’s Den is a great group to start in if you are thinking of getting off the couch and getting active!  You could make power walking your stepping stone to the beginner run group in the spring, or enjoy the amazing benefits that come with power walking.  The low impact of power walking makes it easy on the joints, which means less chance of injury.  You still get the benefits of being outdoors, socializing, burning calories and getting fit!

The Level 1 walk/run group is a fantastic group for those getting back into running after having some time off or if you are ready to start a running program with the goal of a 5km in mind.  It progresses in a safe way so you avoid injury by doing too much too soon!  It begins with mostly walking and a bit of running and finishes with mostly running and a bit of walking!

The Level 2 run/walk group does a designated distance ranging from 5-9km (progressing) and they move from 5 min walk, 1 min run to 10 & 1.  Maybe your goal is a 10km in the spring?  This will get you there.

The Intermediate and Advanced Groups keep you fit all winter with hill training and interval workouts (weather permitting).  Train for the Chilly Half Marathon, the Around the Bay road race or a spring marathon.  Or just run.

We still have Saturday morning open runs (no membership required) at 7:30am.

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