The more running you do, the more you learn.  The run is most definitely different than other sports.  The only enemy encountered is the one your mind overcomes.  Most memorable moment – finishing Shore to Shore, sprinting down the big hill after having a lace come undone (unbelievable), kicking the shoe in the air and finishing with one bare foot cause there is no way you are letting someone pass you when you worked so hard.  Retrospect though – dumb.  Best moment – hugging my wife and kids after the Disney finish line.  Really liked – the solitude of being alone, in the dark, pre-race, in the chutes with thousands and thousands of others contemplating the Journey that lies ahead for the next 26 miles.  There is something special about the early morning start of Disney. We have been blessed to be able to run in N.Y. Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Quebec City, and Ottawa but if you are an ‘old school’ runner then you must run Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth before you retire.


Scott out on a training run on the trails near Inglis Falls


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