Sorbothane ultra sole


Ultra Sole® Performance Insoles absorb shock, return energy and provide long lasting comfort. The Ultra Sole™ combines a molded air-infused base with a pure Sorbothane® heel inlay for shock absorbing comfort and impact protection. Strategically placed forefoot pad works to return energy.  To make an entry level athletic shoe or an older more worn out shoe better than this is the insert to purchase.

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Product Description

The Sorbothane ultra sole is slightly heavier than some other insoles.  While this can increase the weight of a running shoe in action we recommend this premium cushion insole as a replacement for walking shoes, dress and casual footwear, winter boots and particularly work boots.  Work boots notoriously lack cushion properties.  If NASA trusts Sorbothane to protect sensitive equipment on the space shuttle, you can trust Sorbothane to give you the shock attenuation your feet deserve.

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