Kneed2Move Insole



Injury Relief

Over-the-counter insoles and orthotics have been shown to provide relief to injuries including:

• Plantar Fasciitis • Tibialis Posterior Tendinitis
• Metatarsalgia • Morton’s Neuroma


Fatigue Resistance

When your feet become fatigued they move in less predictable patterns. The additional support and fit underneath your foot makes movement more predictable.



You perform best when your shoes fit perfectly and feel comfortable. Your footwear becomes an extension of your body. Converting your running shoes to a complete three-dimensional match of your foot is going to move you forward.

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Product Description

Designed to upgrade the support and comfort of active footwear. Features high arch support to alleviate pressure from the heel to the bottom of the foot, a spacious heel cradle to accommodate a wider fit, thick quality cushioning for impact absorption, and heat moldable base that keeps its support while adapting to your foot.

Additional Information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 5 cm

M4 W6, M5 W7, M6 W8, M7 W9, M8 W10, M9 W11, M10 W12, M11, M12


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