Nike Dri-FIT Run Division Jacket Women’s


Versatile Performance

The Run Division collection returns to combat the cold-weather months. Using engineering insights from our Advanced Running Concepts (ARC) team, we created designs that can be used as layering pieces or worn on their own. Their packable designs mean they’re built for transitions—you can easily carry them with you on your way to work and quickly change when you’re ready for your run. Cool-weather months mean darker days, so we’ve added reflective design details in the form of an “astral projection” print to inspire your miles.

Product Description

Don’t let the chilly weather put a halt to your running routine.  Zip up the Nike Dri-FIT Run Division Jacket and enjoy sweat-wicking fabric with a reflective-design print to light up your route.  A hood delivers extra coverage that can also be packed inside the back of the collar.  This product is made from at least 75% recycled polyester fibres.


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